By 2030 – the Great Blue Wall will fairly and effectively protect 2 million km2 (30% of the WIO) and will advocate and provide support at a Pan-African level to achieve complementary results.

Why is it important?

As per end of 2021, only 8% of the ocean is formally protected, and only a small portion is effectively conserved. Yet, the ocean has never been in such a state of degradation despite being the sources of life, resilience and livelihoods for more then 70 million people in the WIO region alone.

Time is of the essence

Science is clear – we need to protect effectively 30% of the ocean by 2030. With nine years left, the need for a clear roadmap and mechanism to achieve this target in a way works for both nature and people has never been so critical.

Nature and people-positive seascapes

These seascapes, otherwise referred to as Regenerative Seascapes, will be fairly governed and effectively conserved by countries in both national and international waters and will form a network of inclusive and productive (i.e. multiple, sustainable and artisanal uses) large-scale marine protected areas. They will meet international standards to ensure they deliver both socioeconomic and conservation outcomes by promoting regenerative practices and sustainable use of natural resources that benefit local livelihoods.